Epoxy curing agent

8 Large application field

Epoxy resin curing agent ∣ Waterborne epoxy curing agent

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6The big advantage

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Successful cases

2000Many customers at home and abroad

We have paint for glass、Epoxy floor paint、Industrial coatings、Composite materials、Electronic adhesive、Building structural adhesive、Crystal glue、Adhesive glue, etc2000Many at home and abroad customers to provide the high quality epoxy curing agent products and solutions。

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Company profile


Songzi winbond insulation materials co., LTD., formerly known as guangzhou city winbond chemical technology co., LTD,Founded in2002Years,Is Specialized is engaged in the epoxy curing agent and new chemical materials research and development production and sales of high-tech enterprises。Do the high quality epoxy firming agent is the development orientation of winbond manufacturing experts,Become China's leader is the development goal of winbond epoxy curing agent industry。

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